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Launching April 2020

  • The BetterFate Blog supports the Woodwind Woodshed Podcast by posting a transcript of every show.
  • From performance to teaching and beyond, the Blog explores a wide array of topics.
  • On concerns in my wheelhouse, I aim to provide clear plans, explanations and graphics informed by my own experience and analysis.
  • Articles and other media appear ad hoc when my thinking takes shape.

Woodwind Woodshed


Launching April 2020

  • This weekly Vlog and Podcast tracks selected projects from practice routines on saxophone, clarinet, flute and more.
  • The ongoing dialog between practice room goals and actual results offers insight into learning jazz and woodwind doubling.
  • Recorded in high quality audio and video.
  • Over a year in development!

A Better Fate


Available Now

  • My debut album released in 2011 on Tapestry Records.
  • All original compositions and arrangements for septet.
  • Features New York jazz musicians Russ Johnson, Sebastian Noelle, Nick Paul, Linda May Han Oh, Mike Davis, James Shipp & Dan Willis.