Skype Lessons will be available in the Spring of 2020 !!!

Visit my Blog in January 2020 for updates, or email eric@ericerhardtmusic.com for more information


Westminster, CO

Phone: 303-427-0601


7350-B West 88th Ave

Westminster, CO 80021-6400

I have been teaching at Music & Arts Center in Westminster, CO since 2011. Instruments I teach are the same instruments I have played professionally for over three decades: All Saxophones, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Flute and Piccolo. I teach and perform a broad spectrum of styles including Classical, Jazz, R&B and Rock.

Lessons can follow any track that suits your needs. I will help you to prepare for a challenging audition, build technique, strengthen sight-reading, learn to improvise, better understand music theory, write an original song, create an arrangement, or simply play your favorite songs or style of music to relax and have fun. All levels and ages welcome!

Contact Music & Arts Center for details about lesson plans, and please visit my About page if you would like to learn more about my career as a teacher and performer.

I look forward to playing music with you!

Current Music & Arts Students:

Make-Up Lesson Calendar

In the event of scheduling conflicts during regular lesson times, I am always happy to provide a Make-up Lesson. 

My teaching hours at Music & Arts Center are

Monday through Thursday from Noon until 9pm.

These regular hours are the first and best choices for scheduling your Make-up Lesson.

Below is a Google Calendar displaying a "Week-by-Week" view of my teaching schedule at the store. Details are hidden to protect your privacy; appointments are marked only as 'busy'.

My objective in using the Google Calendar is to make finding an available Make-up Lesson time as quick and easy as possible for all parties involved. 

How It Works...

The Dark Blue Blocks are time slots currently occupied by other students, or they represent "black-out" portions of my schedule. If I am unable to teach due to a prior commitment, I will create a block for the span of time that I'm unavailable.

Please Note: Until all lessons during a "black-out" event are processed, there will be overlapping 'busy' blocks. This does not mean spaces between the smaller 'busy' blocks are free. Only slots within the hours listed above that are completely blank are available.

I will regularly mark my calendar with "black-out" blocks as I become aware of conflicts. I will then contact you so you can decide to either credit your lesson or schedule a Make-up. Please provide me with reasonable notice when a scheduling conflict arises on your end. Lessons cancelled less than 24 hours from their scheduled start time are non-refundable, and I will not plan to offer a Make-up in such cases.

Each student or parent, etc. should have my cell phone number (also available by calling the store: 303-427-0601). The best way to reach me is via text, and the second best way is to call. Once you become aware of the scheduling conflict, scan the Google Calendar below for an available Make-up slot. Text or call me with the date and time. Once you hear back from me that your time is confirmed, that means I have changed it on my Calendar and we are good to go!

Make-up times will always be scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

If you have any questions about this system, feel free to text, call, or speak with me at the store.

Thank You!

BetterFate Ensemble

LIVE at The Muse in Lafayette, CO

Friday, January 24, 2020


Sextet + Vocalist Amy Biondo


"La Connexion Française"

An Evening of French Jazz

The Woodwind Woodshed

Vlog / Podcast / Blog


Over a year in development, this weekly log of selections from Eric's practice routine will soon launch in high quality audio and video.

Eric's analysis and self-critique offer insight into practicing jazz and woodwind doubling.

"A Better Fate" Album

Eric's debut album featuring

New York jazz musicians

Russ Johnson, Sebastian Noelle,

Nick Paul, Linda May Han Oh,

Mike Davis, James Shipp

& Dan Willis

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